Why I have founded my own company

After my A-Level I started my apprenticeship(2.5 years). During this I changed my futur plans every few months. I´m to lazy to explain you every plan in detail, so I decided to just list them here chronological:

  • a year off (traveling, climbing)
  • studying (gamedesign)
  • staying at the company (boring)
  • staying at the company and study (no… too stressful)
  • try to get into game develop companies (too much luck required)
  • founding my own game dev company (oha… why not… lets do this)

And so I asked a colleague at work Niklas Reinhold and my also extremely creative brother Florian Fischer to join. Surprisingly my brother just said “Let´s go”, and my colleague “why not”.

At the same day we decided to seek advice, so I neglected other things around me and made a few calls. After some more calls I finally had an appointment for a start-up consulting with my colleague and my brother.

Since then everything that looked like a barrier just dissapeared over time and easily dissolved itself. Now we are at the point doing the formal founding stuff and completing our first grant application. Keep your fingers crossed that things will continue going on like this.

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