Some private stuff about myself


Just a small overview
of games that I enjoy!


In my childhood I was working with my dad on small projects: House renovation and art projects like mosaic and garden sculptures.

Since I moved out from home, I enjoy coming back to create my own handcrafted things, you can see on these pictures.

Tetris shelves

Currentrly I am just training at home for upcoming climbing trips


Climbing is a big part of my life since I’m 15. Starting climbing indoors I soon start traveling to rock climbing areas near Regensburg.

The Social aspect of meeting new openminded people outdoors and indoors is big part of climbing. What fascinates me most is the mental strength needed. Training your Brain to do Complex Moves under pressure and with maximum of Muscle Power is just awesome

My most favorite place is the sandstone area Fontainebleau, near Paris and I can’t wait to come back to Granite climbing in Scandinavia. 

Stockholm, Sweden   


It sounds exaggerated,
but preserving the earth
is my big goal.

I love nature, as most of the humans do, but Humanity needs to develop a sense of humility to become happy in the long run as a collective.

A sense of sustainability needs to emerge.

I personally try to contribute by avoiding meat, animal products and waste. Building a sense for a sustainable live style is my goal.